Aces and Faces Poker

Mar 02 2012

Aces and Faces Poker

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If you enjoy skill-based casino games, Aces and Faces video poker one of the best bets around.

Face cards and Aces have a very important role in video poker games. Because most games only reward single-pair hands that use two Aces or two of the same face card, they have a lot more value than the cards Ten and lower.

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In Aces and Faces video poker, Aces and face cards have even more value because of boosted payout rates for four of a kind with any card Jack or higher. These bonus payouts for high-ranking four of a kind hands has helped to give Microgaming’s version of this awesome video poker game a payout rate of 99.25 percent with optimal play.

Aces and Faces Video Poker: Rules and Features

The lower-ranked hands in Aces or Faces video poker are paid with a typical 8/5 structure. A full house pays out at 8x in this game, and a regular flush pays out a 5x prize. Straights are worth their normal 4x payout, three of a kind is rewarded with a 3x payout, two pair gets you a 2x payout and a single pair of Jacks or better will win a 1x payout.

This 8/5 structure is important because a lot of games with bonus payouts for specific hands try to compensate by dropping the payout rates for the lower-ranked hands. This version of Aces and Faces video poker, however, does not, and this is a key feature of this game.

The payouts for the big hands are really exciting because of the variety of prizes available. A royal flush will win you a normal 800x payout if you play with the maximum number of coins. Four of a kind in Aces will get you an awesome 80x payout, which is even higher than the straight flush payout rate of 50x.

After that, you can get a 40x payout for getting four of a kind with a face card, and a face card in this game is a Jack, Queen or King. Four of a kind with Tens or lower is paid out at 25x, rounding out a favorable payout table for higher-ranking hands.

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