Bonus Deuces Wild Poker

Mar 02 2012

Bonus Deuces Wild Poker

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With Microgaming’s Bonus Deuces Wild Video Poker your chances of making large hands are drastically increased. Video poker games with wild cards are known for being fast-paced; Bonus Deuces Wild poker uses four Twos as wild cards, and this means you can expect a lot of big hands over and over again each session. What really sets Bonus Deuces Wild apart is the huge payouts for special wild card hands like five of a kind and four Twos.

Bonus Deuces Wild Poker: Rules and Features

The main feature of Bonus Deuces Wild poker is the four wild Twos that you can get on any given hand. On average, you’ll end up with a wild card before or after the draw in between 30 and 40 percent of hands. The wild cards make large hands much, much more likely, and it also allows you to have non-traditional poker hands like five of a kind.

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The lowest hand in this game that receives a payout is three of a kind, and this hand receives a 1x payout. A straight also receives just a 1x payout because of how much easier it is to get in this game, and a flush gets you a 3x prize. A full house is worth a 4x payout, and four of a kind gets you a 4x payout as well. Many people will be surprised to see that a straight flush only receives an 8x payout, but once you look at the huge payouts for the larger hands, then you will understand why.

A royal flush that doesn’t use any wild cards gets a whooping 1,000x prize. Four Twos with an Ace kicker gets a special bonus prize of 400x, and all other four of a kind in Twos receives a 200x prize. Five Aces will win 80x, while five Threes, Fours or Fives wins 40x. A royal flush that uses wild cards will pick up a cool 25x prize, and five of a kind in anything from Sixes up through Kings will get a cool 18x payout.

The upper end of the Bonus Deuces Wild video poker payout table is heavily weighted, and this contributes to the nice 99.15 percent payout rate with optimal play.

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