Deuces Wild Poker

Mar 02 2012

Deuces Wild Poker

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As one of the most popular video poker games of all time, Deuces Wild Poker is well-known for the wild cards and a standardised payout table.

The wild cards in Deuces Wild allow for some special poker hands that aren’t available in traditional video poker games like five of a kind. There is also a special payout for getting four Twos in the same hand since they are wild.

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The Microgaming version of Deuces Wild video poker pays out at about 96.76 percent with optimal play, meaning that it has a house advantage of less than many other online casino games.

Deuces Wild Video Poker: Rules and Features

The main feature of the Deuces Wild variation of video poker is that the wild Twos give you a lot of chances to make bigger hands than you would on average. You’ll be dealt a starting hand with a Two in it about 34.1 percent of the time, and this means that you’re going to start with at least one pair every single time.

There is also a special 250x payout for getting four Twos in the same hand, and that is the second-biggest payout behind the 800x jackpot for getting a natural royal flush. A royal flush that uses a wild card pays out at 25x, but they happen a lot more often than they would normally, so the lower payout evens out.

There is also a special payout in Deuces Wild video poker for getting five of a kind, and this hand pays out 16x. A straight flush pays out 13x, four of a kind pays out 4x and a full house pays out 3x. Flushes and straights both pay out 2x, and three of a kind pays out 1x.

In Deuces Wild video poker, there is no payout for lower hands. While some people might be turned off by this, they need to remember that the average hand you make in Deuces Wild is much higher than in other variations without wild cards, so you’ll make three of a kind or better pretty often. This helps to make Deuces Wild one of the most fast-paced video poker games out there.

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