Double Double Bonus Poker

Mar 02 2012

Double Double Bonus Poker

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One of the coolest video poker games from by Microgaming is Double Double Bonus Poker. Double Double Bonus Poker has a lot of variety because of there being so many different payout levels and so many different ways to win big prizes.

Other than a couple of tweaks to the lower end of the payout chart, the rest of the game follows a typical 9/6 video poker structure.

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Double Double Bonus Poker: Rules and Features

Double Double Bonus Poker’s main feature is the extra bonuses for specific types of four of a kind hands. Four of a kind in Aces with a kicker that is a Two, Three or Four gives a huge 400x payout. Additionally, four Aces with a different kicker pays out a sweet 160x.

Any four of a kind in Twos, Threes or Fours that has a kicker of Ace, Two, Three or Four also pays out a nice 160x prize. Four of a kind with Twos, Threes or Fours with a different kicker pay out 50x, while four of a kind with Twos, Threes or Fours without a special kicker pays out 80x. These are all really big prizes for four of a kind in video poker, and that’s why Double Double Bonus Poker is such an exciting game.

The rest of the payout table consists of a 1x payout for a pair of Jacks or better, a 1x payout for two pair, a 3x payout for three of a kind, a 4x payout for a straight, a 6x payout for a flush and a decent 9x payout for a full house.

What most people who are familiar with video poker games will notice here is that the payout for two pair is lower than it normally is for 9/6 video poker payout structures, but the 800x royal flush prize if you bet five coins is still there. This is a small price to pay for such a huge payout structure when it comes to the big hands like all of the different ways you can win a lot with four of a kind.

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