European Gold Roulette

Mar 02 2012

European Gold Roulette

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European Gold Roulette is one of the best roulette games from Microgaming . The graphics are awesome, and on top of that, you have a good selection of customisation options for your display.

European Gold Roulette is a polished game that uses the favourable European single-zero format that players tend to prefer over the double-zero format that American roulette uses. This game was definitely designed with the serious roulette player in mind.

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European Gold Roulette: Rules and Features

This game is based around betting on the outcome of a randomly-determined number from 0-36. The minimum bet is 1 credit, and you can bet on what the exact number will be, whether the number will be even or odd, whether the color associated with the number will be black or red, and a number of other bets. You can place up to $50 in a single bet.

One of the coolest features of European Gold Roulette is that it has a multi-player option that allows a handful of players to place bets at the same time and to bet on the same spins. The multi-player option opens up a whole new level of fun since you can bet with or against people and celebrate your wins on the same spin that they lose.

Bets on a single number in this game are called straight-up bets, and they pay out 35x your bet. Straight-up bets have the biggest risk and the biggest payout in European Gold Roulette. On the other hand, bets on black, red, even, odd, 1-18 and 19-36 all payout at even money and have good chances of winning. If you prefer a bet that isn’t as conservative as the even money bets, then you can try out the column bets and dozens bets that pay out at 2x and have a smaller chance of winning.

Overall, the main feature of European Gold Roulette is the abilty to place bets that fit your own personal playinh style since all of the bets have the same house advantage, even though they have different payout rates and chances of winning.

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