Money Management When Playing iPhone Slots

Feb 07 2012

While many iPhone casino games involve a combination of luck and skill, online slot machines involve only luck. This is part of the thrill for many players who enjoy them. As such though, there is no way to game the system or manipulate your chances of winning.

One thing which you can do though is manage your bankroll conservatively so that you can make your money go further. While this in no way will increase your chances of winning at iPhone slots, it will allow you to play longer and have more fun.

Before you play any iPhone slot machine, have a look at the payout table. This table will explain to you what combinations you need on which lines in order to win, and also whether you need to play the maximum coin size in order to win. For many machines it is impossible to win the jackpot if you don’t play the maximum coin size—even if you get the right combos on the right paylines. It generally makes no sense not to play the maximum coin size on these machines.

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Nonetheless, you don’t want to run through your whole bankroll on only a few spins, so you need to pick a slot machine online which you can afford to play. If the maximum coin size is too big, look for an iPhone slot with a smaller maximum coin size. This game will allow you to enjoy more spins and to have more fun before you run through your funds.

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