iPhone Casino Payment Methods

Feb 07 2012

When you’re looking to join an iPhone casino, one of the many considerations you’ll have to factor into your choice is what payment methods the casino accepts. Many casinos accept a wide variety of payment methods, but not all casinos accept all payment methods—particularly regional payment methods. Some of the most common payment methods accepted at online casinos include credit cards and debit cards, electronic wallets, and electronic cheques, bank transfers, and bank wires.

Credit Cards and Debit Cards

This is a fairly self-explanatory payment method. It’s convenient for you and convenient for most online casinos. Common debit and credit cards which are accepted by online casinos include MasterCard, Visa, American Express, Discover, and Diners Cards.

Credit cards are useful because credit card payments are instant and your funds will be available to you to play with right away. You can pay with a credit card from any part of the world; it also doesn’t matter where the iPhone casino is located. They will receive your payment instantly, and you’ll be ready to gamble online.

Electronic Wallets

Another payment method which many online casinos accept is the use of an electronic wallet. Electronic wallets, also called online wallets, are programs (often web-based) which allow you to store all of your online shopping information in one place. This includes data such as passwords, login names, credit card details, shipping addresses, and billing addresses.

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Examples include Google Chequeout, Paypal, Yahoo! Wallet, and MSN Wallet. There are a lot of electronic wallets in existence, but most online casinos will only accept payment through the most common of them (such as Paypal).

Electronic Cheques, Bank Transfers and Bank Wires

There are several other common payment methods which most online casinos will accept. Not everyone feels comfortable providing a credit or debit card number online. That’s why electronic banks, bank transfers, and bank wires exist.

What’s an electronic cheque? An electronic cheque, also known as an e-cheque, allows a merchant to process a cheque payment online. It is also known as a Back Office Conversion (BOC). Almost all cheques are processed as electronic cheques these days—even cheques which you take to your bank and hand over to a teller in person.

Electronic cheques do start as physical cheques. Once you mail your cheque in, the iPhone casino will run the cheque electronically to capture the funds from your bank account. The cheque will provide all the information the casino needs to accept your payment.

Bank transfers and bank wires are both ways of directly transmitting funds from your bank account to the online casino. Usually if you choose to pay an online casino via electronic cheque, bank transfer or bank wire, you’ll need to get directly in contact with customer service. Oftentimes there is a phone number provided specifically for this purpose. Not all online casinos accept alternative payment methods, so be sure to cheque and see if the online casino you are thinking of signing up with offers the payment method you prefer. This is just one of the many criteria you should use when you decide whether an online casino is right for you!

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