iPhone Slots Strategies

Sep 12 2011


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You might think that iPhone slots have a completely random outcome, and there’s little you can do to increase your chances. But there actually are a whole host of strategies you can use with iPhone slots to increase your win percentage. Some of them are fairly obvious, but many of them are very innovative and shockingly effective.

The first one is known as “win refusal”. Many people, especially inexperienced players, will take the money and run when they win a small amount of money from an iPhone slots game. They’ll be pleased they managed to win anything, and be happy to net a small profit. While it might seem counter intuitive to gamble away your small winnings, it is actually a great strategy to make a game pay out the big money! Just like in real life, iPhone slot games are set up to pay out a certain percentage of the money that you put in. If a game starts paying out small wins then it is attempting to even out that percentage. Therefore, if you keep playing, then you’re sure to net a jackpot eventually! It’s only after you win the jackpot that you should pull out of a game.

The “pump and dump” strategy is quite similar, and it also requires nerves of steel! Pump and dump is very easy to understand: you just keep playing until you win big, including iPhone slots bonuses. There’s no doubt that this is a risky proposition, but if you have a large bankroll you are prepared to risk then this can be a great strategy for making some serious cash!

However, not everyone has a big bankroll they are prepared to lose. If you don’t, then you might consider strategically playing new iPhone slot games. Not many gamblers know that it’s common practice in online casino gaming to make new slot games pay out more frequently. They do this to get people playing the game. After a while, they change the percentages back to normal. You should always your iPhone casino’s newest machine if you want to win jackpots online.


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